Cookie Monster Pom Pom Tutorial

As a child I loved watching Sesame Street, so much so that my camper van is named after one of my favourite characters, Elmo. As I already have a blanket in the van with Elmo on, I decided I needed a Cookie Monster blanket to keep the kids warm and cosy on those cold camping trips in Winter. Yes, I know, who goes camping in Winter in the UK. But we do, the worst temperatures we’ve had was -4, but we were still snug as a bug.

I created this tutorial for an Instagram Takeover for Hobbycraft, to guide you through each step of making your own Cookie Monster or Elmo pom pom. If you would like to see the takeover, which includes videos of each step, then you will find it on my highlighted story.

You Will Need


Step 1

Take the black yarn and the larger pom maker. Wrap the yarn around one side of the pom maker until you have an arc. The top of the arc should have just enough space for one more layer of yarn for the Cookie Monster. For Elmo, leave enough space for 3 more layers of red yarn. Leave around 1cm each side of the black area free.

Step 2

Use the blue yarn (or red if you are making Elmo) and fill in each side of the arc. Then wrap the yarn around all of the black from step 1.

Step 3

Move on to the second half of the pom maker and fill it with blue yarn (red for Elmo). Close both sides and snip it open with your smaller scissors.

Step 4

Tie the pom pom together using another piece of the same colour yarn as the body of your pom pom. Wrap it around and tie once, then wrap it around to the other side and tie twice, as tight as you can.

Step 5

Trim, trim, trim!! Most pom poms look a lot better after you have given them a good haircut.

Step 6

Take the smaller pom pom maker and wrap black yarn around the centre of one side 5 times. Fill the rest of the pom maker (including the other side) with white yarn.

Step 7

Snip open and tie together with white yarn. Repeat step 6 so you have two eyes. Then trim both pom poms. Be careful not to snip the yarn that ties them together as you will need this later on to attach them.

Step 8

Use a darning needle to sew on both eyes. Make sure you sew the Cookie Monster eyes on at slightly different angles to give him his cookie crazy look. If you thread the needle through the centre of the big pom pom, then the yarn is secured tightly in the space that ties it together.

Step 9 (for Elmo only)

Using the smaller pom pom maker, make an orange pom pom and attach it for a nose.

Sit back and admire your new creations

Make 1, make 2, make a whole blanket.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marley Mei Studio says:

    Amazing, such a well designed and fun pom pom! I still need to make this little guy, it’s been on my list for a few weeks now 😆 🍪


    1. Thank you 😊 I’m glad you like him 🍪💙 He’s fun to make, you should give him a go.


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